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Data d'inizio: Orario di inizio: Condizioni di partecipazione per i partecipanti:. Argomenti conferenza:. Requirements of the implant. New medical products in Traumatology and Orthopedics. Trauma clinical trials in EU. General Topics. Imaging and Navigation. Implant technologynew medical products. New approaches to simulation and experiment.

Fracture osteology. Joint kinematics. Wound and soft tissue trauma. Pediatric orthopedics and traumatology :. Deformities in growing children : axisrotation errorscoliosi. Fractures in children. Bone substitute materials in medical applications. Conservative therapy in orthopedics and trauma surgery.

Trauma, medicina d'emergenza, open fractures. Septic and reconstructive surgery. Greetings to the participants the Conference of Representatives. Presidente: MD Professor weedy O. MD Prof. Korzh MO. Institute for Spine and Joint Pathology named after prof.

MI Medical Sciences of Ukraine. Orthopedic trauma. Institute of pathology and joints pozvonochnyka them. MI Medical Sciences of Ukrained. Kharkiv, Ucraina.

Formation diceas a pledge Colonna vertebrale e Joint Institute Sitenko Kharkov successes therapy. Gorkysol. Donetsk, Ucraina. Complications in surgery and Traumatology. National Institute of surgery and transplantolohyy them. Shalimov. Loskutov O. Mechnikov DnepropetrovskUcraina.

Bone marrow treating diaphyseal fractures. Kalashnikov A. Zaporozhye State Medical University. City Hospital. Emergency and ambulanceZaporozhyeUcraina. AT fractures of long tubular bones. Tyazhelov OA 2, Khadr Vadyd1. Metaphyseal breaks with carbon. Gorky DonetskUcraina. Of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. Device at sports injuries. National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. PL Shupika. Sklyarov.

Dnipropetrovsk hosudarstvennaya medytsynskaya AcademyFPOhorodskaya. Hospital number 7, Krivoy Rog, Ucraina. Traumatic processes in casualties with a polytrauma. MD Professor Kuzmin A. Bone marrow cells in Adults with Osteoarthritis.

Practical aspects of therapy Osteoporosis. Medical Donetsk National University. Gorky. Kuzmin A. Regenerative potential and contamination BONE. Properties of blood and spare capacity. Rheumatoid arthritis with overweight. Uzhgorod National UniversityUzhgorod, Ucraina. Weedy O. Vasjuk VLKvasnyuk D. Differential diagnosis Septic and reactive.

Knee-joint synovial fluid. Fedkovycha. Institute for Spine and Joint Pathology prof. Sytenka behalf of Sciences of Ukraine. Polarimetric diagnosis of joint disease. Medical UniversityChernivtsiUcraina. Synyachenko OVV. Bogomoletzkyiv, Ucraina. Colonna vertebrale e Joint Institute Sitenko Kharkov approach to the Original. Colonna vertebrale e Joint Institute Sitenko Kharkov arthroplasty. SI GerasimenkoPolulyakh M. GerasimenkoLM Panchenko. STATE reparative regeneration of bone tissue. Rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

Clinical experience of a systematic. Enzymotherapy in rheumatology. Musculoskeletal system in children. Metabolic and tumor diseases. Levitsky AFChernyak Y. Determining the optimal methods of surgical.

In children on the basis of clinical AND Biomechanical. Ultrasound by graphs. Lesions of bones. Yutovets YU. For Description of individual features of. Surface Colonna vertebrale e Joint Institute Sitenko Kharkov objects. Lugansky state-owned medical UniversityLuganskUcraina. Section a question of tactics treatment of damages.

MD Professor V. Substantiation of Surgical Treatment of instability. Bogomoletzkyiv, SakiDonetsk, Ucraina.