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I've been coming here for almost 3 months now and I love this place. My yoga journey started when I took a class in college and fell in love quickly. I've been practicing on and off on my own but decided it was time to take an actual class again.

After much researching, I came across The Yoga Harbor and thought their schedules could work. At my first class, Maggie introduced herself and asked about any injuries and my yoga experience. She was so sweet and I felt welcomed right away. Thank you two beautiful, strong ladies asana yoga torace helping me gain strength, balance, and peace. I hadn't been practicing yoga for some time, so I felt that a smaller studio would help me feel less intimated. I asana yoga torace so glad I found this gem!

I had walked past it so many times as my favorite Mexican restaurant Lucio's is next door, and while I was curious, like a lot of people reluctant asana yoga torace start a workout plan, I made excuses to pass on this studio and others. Now that I'm consistently going to classes--I realize now that I should have allowed myself to indulge a bit on my emotional healing and physical well-being.

This studio is perfect for calm, relaxation, exercise, and peace. The sessions definitely provide therapy for both the inner and outer self, and the yoga instructors make this all happen.

I feel like I've finally pampered myself being here. I see this place as a haven for anyone wanting and needing both quiet and movement. I asana yoga torace recommend this studio. If you like yoga or if you are curious about it This place is greatthe atmosphere is amazing everyone is friendly and all the yoga instructors have a style of their own which makes it exiting to go to different classesi learn new stuff on every class which keeps me motivated to keep my practice.

Just show up to a class you won't be disappointed. This place sucks, owner banned me for literally no asana yoga torace Well probably because I'm a man and some woman said ohh I don't feel confortable with a man in here and the stupid owner is like I'll just ban asana yoga torace woo who girl power, oh well this place sucks anyways, did one month and not like I would come back, I'm at a much asana yoga torace studio and I'm sure the next one will be better than yoga harbor.

Love this yoga studio! Bethany was very warm and welcoming our first day here and assisted us in redeeming our groupon offer we had purchased.

I loved her class as well. I've also taken classes with Alissa who is also amazing! I am definitely returning to this yoga studio. I called Yoga Harbor to see about joining and taking a class. I left a message and no one ever called me back. I was really dissapointed because it looks like they get great reviews.

No one ever called me back. I'm taking new student special now and it's been a great experience here! The studio is cozy and welcoming with usually smaller group. Highly recommend! I'm so glad Yoga Harbor opened. Bethany and her team of instructors are amazing, I was impressed that Bethany knew my name right away I train a lot of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Yoga has been a tremendous part of my training regime.

It not only helped my BJJ, it also helps with my lower Back sciatica tightness. I mainly train on Saturdays with Roxan, She's freaking amazing! When I told her I was having lower back pain and I was really tight in my legs, she catered the class to my needs and helped with all the poses, she also showed me asana yoga torace lot of other stretches that I can do at home that will help me alleviate the pain and tightness.

The price is really reasonable and the studio is always clean and it asana yoga torace smell. I've been to a few places where I took Hot Yoga asana yoga torace Bikram and it was smelly. I don't care to sweat it all out and smell. Definitely, go check Yoga Harbor out and Give Bethany a call. Asana yoga torace and team are amazing!! It's a cozy private spot in downtown Torrance!! I love the location and the instructors I've been to yoga harbor over a year ago to trial a couple classes and gets feel for the styles of the teachers.

Asana yoga torace to being a student, I haven't been back but recently I'm am able to asana yoga torace a commitment to practice. I trust this is a great yoga studio with quality instructors, but wish I could have gotten to know the place a bit more before having to commit to this studio.

It's been quite a long time since I practiced yoga and I am so happy Yoga Harbor has move to my neighborhood! Bethany is an amazing teacher!

She asana yoga torace manages to keep everything flowing while working with all levels. I also took a few classes from Roxanne and she is a great teacher too. I feel super comfortable at the studio. Such a nice relaxing space and vibe. Truly a lovely studio, it's such a great addition to the neighborhood.

I've never practiced with any of the instructors here but I absolutely love the classes I've tried. I asana yoga torace to go to the green yogi, I like the vibe of this studio so much more. It's asana yoga torace to earth. Plenty of parking, plenty of room for your mat. Easy sign asana yoga torace and sign in on classes. The specialty is all level vinyasa which is great. Accessible for newbies, but challenging enough to keep more experienced yogis engaged.

Love this studio! My doctors said I needed to become more active or I would develop major health issues. I found Yoga Harbor because they are close to my home.

Bethany is a God Send, she has experience with trauma and is able to work with me at a level that is working miracles with me, body mind and soul. I can't say enough about her intuitive nature and her excellence in her training. I am in this for the asana yoga torace run. Bethany and Roxan have been so welcoming, warm, intentional, and nothing short of fantastic when it comes to them giving us the autonomy asana yoga torace exploring through our own movement asana yoga torace body.

I practiced with Bethany for three years at Namaste Highland Park and I am so very excited to see her opening her own studio in Torrance! Bethany is truly an inspiration -- she brings intelligence, patience, strength, and joy to every class she teaches. In addition to being physically challenging, her classes are beautifully paced and I have always left feeling asana yoga torace if I have been told a story about my body, practice, or life in general which is just another way of saying that Bethany asana yoga torace somehow mastered the art of teaching without even making you aware that asana yoga torace are being taught.

I am so very excited to see what Bethany does with this wonderful new place! While I don't have much experience Asana yoga torace have heard horror stories. I was extremely nervous when I first came in but Bethany along with the other instructors made me feel very comfortable and I now go as often as I can and feel right at home. I have had a terrific experience! I am new to Yoga and I had asana yoga torace overcome some of my personal barriers and give Yoga a chance.

I can't believe how challenging the sessions are! I am soaking wet by the end of the class, yet very relaxed! It's a great workout for someone like asana yoga torace who has a bad asana yoga torace. I highly recommend Yoga Harbor. Bethany was an excellent instructor and made me feel asana yoga torace welcome and comfortable in her class. I cannot wait to go back!

If you're looking to support your local yoga studio please do and come here! Bethy the owner is a truly amazing instructor. I took her classes as part of a yoga retreat and they were really top notch. I am a yoga teacher myself and found her classes a perfect mix of flow, balance and meditative breathing I found her style of teaching innovative and dynamic. I asana yoga torace also really impressed how she was able to guide beginners through the basics while still keeping the class engaging for all.

I will certainly be by to take her classes - can't wait!!! It's truly nice having a local yoga studio asana yoga torace close to home and not one of these pretentious places. Bethany and the faculty made me feel welcome as I took an intro to yoga class. The studio is quaint and not too large where the teachers can teach but also give one on one learning if needed. I signed up as a student and am raring to go! The Yoga Harbor Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative.

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