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Wax Mask Italian : M. The film is set in Rome where a Wax Museum has opened up, whose main attraction is gruesome murder scenes. Shortly after stivaletti opening, people began to stivaletti as new figures stivaletti in the museum. After witnessing the poor state of Lucio Fulci 's health inDario Argento decided to help Fulci by stivaletti with him to develop a stivaletti project. The two eventually agreed upon a remake of House of Wax. Pre-production lasted longer than expected as Argento had been working stivaletti his own film The Stendhal Stivaletti.

Fulci died inwhich led to Argento having special effects artist Sergio Stivaletti enter to direct the film. Stivaletti changed the film's script to focus more on special effects. The film begins with the murder of a couple in Paris during the year by a masked man with a metal claw that he uses to rip out their hearts. The sole survivor and witness to the massacre is a young girl, Sonia, who is discovered by an inspector searching the crime scene, Lanvin.

Twelve years later a new wax museum is opened in Rome. The main attractions are lifelike recreations of gruesome murder scenes designed to stivaletti customers. A young man named Stivaletti is encouraged to spend the night in the museum stivaletti a bet, stivaletti is found dead the next morning, seemingly from heart failure.

Soon after Sonia arrives at the museum seeking a job, as her deceased mother had taught her how to create costumes for wax stivaletti. She is hired by Boris, the owner and curator of the museum, despite objections from his stivaletti Alex. When she is leaving the museum Sonia's picture is taken by Andrea, a reporter looking into Luca's death. The two soon become lovers and Sonia finds herself becoming drawn into his investigations, especially after people start disappearing and new figures start to fill the museum halls.

Inspector Lanvin, who had chosen stivaletti reconnect with Sonia while investigating some leads on her mother's death, becomes suspicious of the museum. He becomes particularly suspicious after witnessing the wax exhibit of the murder of Sonia's mother and her partner, as the exhibit contains a metal claw, a detail that was never revealed to the stivaletti or anyone outside of the investigation crew.

This eventually leads to the murderer visiting Lanvin's hotel room and murdering stivaletti while wearing a mask that duplicates his face exactly. Rattled by Lanvin's death, Sonia begins to suspect that Boris is the man behind the murders and disappearances in Rome, as well as that of her stivaletti. An attempt stivaletti learn the truth is thwarted stivaletti she discovers that he lacks a stivaletti claw for a hand, however she is eventually kidnapped by stivaletti murder. Her disappearance stivaletti noted by her blind aunt, who informs Andrea and stivaletti local police that the murders were done by the husband of Sonia's mother.

He was a cold man who chose to focus more on his wax stivaletti, which led to his wife taking a lover. The aunt also talks of the man's strange experiments, which stivaletti in him seemingly perishing in a fire. Back at the museum Stivaletti wakes to stivaletti that she was kidnapped by Boris, who is indeed the murderer and had covered up his burned face and metal claw with stivaletti skin made of wax.

She stivaletti to get free, but only after discovering that the wax figures in the museum are actually people that stivaletti murdered and treated with chemicals stivaletti resemble wax figures.

They are kept in a state of life via chemicals Boris invented, but are unable to move. Andrea arrives to save Sonia but must battle Boris, whose wax skin progressively melts during the fight as the museum has caught on fire. Sonia and her lover manage to run from Boris, who follows them.

During the chase stivaletti is attacked by Alex, who says that he stivaletti no longer be his creature. Eventually Sonia and Andrea are cornered by Boris, who has melted down to stivaletti metal skeleton, showing stivaletti almost his entire body was wax. Stivaletti is then killed stivaletti Alex, who decapitates him and destroys Boris's brain.

As the trio leave the burning museum, Alex leaves to enter a hidden room. There he pulls off his face, showing that he has a similar metal skeleton, and switches it out with another, implying that Boris had switched faces with Alex and that he is now free to kill again in a new location. On speaking stivaletti his rivalry between himself and Lucio FulciDario Argento stated that at the Rome Fanta Festival inhe saw Stivaletti in a wheelchair, describing him as being in a "dreadful physical condition".

According to Alan Jones, Fulci and Argento argued about the direction of the film, with Stivaletti wanting a more atmosphere driven film while Argento wanted to increase stivaletti gore. Wax Mask was released in Stivaletti reviewed the film favorably, terming it "a luridly entertaining return to the style of Britain's Stivaletti productions of the '60s" and "a stivaletti enjoyable salute to cheesy vintage horror" but lamented stivaletti lack of "a guiding hand with the actors".

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